Welcome to Stoney Mountain Jeep and Model A

Stoney Mountain prides itself on being a complete shop where we do every thing in house, motor swaps, roll cages, custom chassis and suspension, drive train and gear set ups for on road as well as off road. We do race, rock, sand and dirt as well as street vehicles. We build custom tubular frames, build sheet metal panels, and rebuild a lot of parts that are no longer available for the Jeeps and Model A's. We can restore that Model A to its original look or make it that screaming hot rod you had always dreamed about as a kid.

Stoney Mountain carry's a complete line of about 20,000 different parts numbers for the Model A Fords 28 to 31 and the Jeep CJ's and MB from 1941 to 1984 and will special order any items you want or need that we do not have in stock.